Use Custom Printed Vehicle Magnets to Get Your Message Out!

Custom Printed Vehicle Magnets are a great ad solution when full-time graphics are not an option. Sometimes HOAs won’t allow commercial vehicles with printed graphics to be parked at your residence. Printed Car and Truck magnets are a perfect solution! Just take the Vehicle Magnets off when you get home and store them for the next day’s use. If you are an independent contractor and installer, you can represent multiple businesses that you do work for by having Custom Printed Vehicle Magnets for each of the companies you do work for. Just install the Printed Vehicle Magnets that you need for each project and switch them out as often as necessary. Custom Printed Vinyl Magnets have a million and one uses! Get your car and truck magnets at inkDOTS today.

inkDOTS provides Vehicle Magnets in addition to excellent printing and sign services to the Greater Houston regions including Katy, Waller, Cypress, and Tomball.